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Anything goes

Gone too soon…

No, I am not talking about a person who died. I am talking about my six-year old laptop which was stolen a week ago. I can not describe what I felt when I discovered that it was missing. I was … Continue reading

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Cheer Factor

I found myself sacrificing my week end for a very important planning workshop. It was both good and bad. Good, because we came up with concrete plans; and bad, only because it zapped the energies out of me. After two … Continue reading

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Busy Queen Bee

I noticed that it has taken me some time now to update this blog. Sighs. I have been terribly busy these days that I hardly find the time to blog. When I get home from work, all I could think … Continue reading

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My Christmas Wish List

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I come up with a wish list when this season comes. Although I do not  get what I want, I just don’t give up. For this year, here’s my list. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Thousand Years

Yet again, this is a post about a movie. I watched Breaking Dawn last night, not because I am a fan of the series. I have never read any of the books and I have only seen the previous installments … Continue reading

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“Like Crazy”

Last night, I watched the movie “Like Crazy” and I went crazy! The movie is beautiful. I think it helps that it is an independent movie, it is devoid of the usual Hollywood flair. It is just refreshing to see … Continue reading

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A (Short) Break, Finally!

The last two weeks have been crazy busy for me. I found myself in the thick of things, especially the enrollment for the second semester. So I was looking forward to the long week end so that at least, even for … Continue reading

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