Fun XU Day!

Today (November 30), is a national holiday and it is also the first day of the Xavier University Festival Days 2011. It opened last night.

Our student organization, DEVCOMSOC, put up a”love” booth. FYI: there are so many booths around the campus, ranging from those that sell food, clothes, pop corn, cotton candy, accessories, etc. Others have set up a horror house, wall climbing, karaoke, etc.

Okay, so my students’ offered a booth that will allow for couples to be handcuffed, get on a blind date and or get married for a minimum fee!

It was fun watching and teasing the (young) couples get married. We got a number of “customers” today and we hope that we will have more tomorrow and until Saturday.

I ended the day by watching the Sky Lanterns at the soccer field. It was my first time to see such and it was really cool!  The lanterns looked so pretty as they were going up up and away.

I like festival days. The campus is beaming with beautiful lights, giving me that Christmas feel and it is teeming with people as it opens its gates to friends and guests. There are just so many fun and exciting things happening around. And of course, it is nice to go to the university to have fun and  not to work… for some days in the year, at least!

Happy Xavier University Festival Days 2011!*

P.S. Sky Lantern photo by Cloty T. Valerio (1) and Illuminight Lanterns (2).


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