EHEF 2012, Manila

I just got back from a very successful European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) and EMA-Philippines networking event held last November 14 at the Peninsula Hotel in Manila.

More than 1,000 visitors graced the fair which featured 22 European Higher Education Institutions. Twenty (20) Erasmus Mundus alumni were on hand to entertain queries about EU’s biggest scholarship programme.

I was the first speaker when the fair opened and I was overwhelmed at the number of young Filipino hopefuls who were in that room listening to me. I was humbled by that experience and it felt great to be a source of inspiration.

After the talk, I went to the EU-EM booth to join the other alumni in answering questions relevant to the scholarship. It was both fun and tiring. It definitely helped that the alumni were in high spirits, unmindful of the never-ending questions. Despite the weariness, we prevailed. I think we all agree that being there is one of the best ways to give back to the scholarship programme which has given us so much.

We love Erasmus Mundus!

Here’s a video of that event, courtesy of Muloy Luib, a freelance journalist. Pics will come in the next post.

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What: XU-DEVCOM Alumni Homecoming

When: 12.22.12 (6PM-12MN)


More details coming soon.

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I have always been a fan of Bond movies. I don’t know why but I get excited with movie narratives on espionage and nobody does it better than Bond, James Bond.

Skyfall is released in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Yeah, it is that long.

I watched the movie last Sunday and I totally enjoyed it! The bonus was that most of the movie was shot in London. It allowed me to see the city that I love. It definitely brought back a lot of happy memories. And it doesn’t hurt that Adele is singing the theme song.

Lovely, indeed.

Here’s the trailer of the movie:

And the theme song by Adele:

Long live Agent 007! 🙂

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Sem 2

The second semester beckons. I wonder: where did the semestral break go? Sighs

First semester came and went oh so quickly. It was both a short and long semester. Short because there were so many holidays and long because there were just too many things to do!

So now a new semester begins and as far as I am concerned, it looks crazy-busy/

But oh well, bring it on!

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Teachers’ Day 2012

It’s that time of the year again when teachers all over the world are given due recognition and appreciation!

A Prayer for Teachers

Giver of all Wisdom and Greatest of all Teachers, look upon our teachers with love.

Grant them the resolve to nurture our eager minds and to never give up on us who fall behind.

Bless their hearts for they rejoice when we succeed and encourage us when we fail.

Endow them with gentle patience for the path of learning is never easy.

Kindle a spirit of passion in them; it is the flame that ignites the love of learning in us.

Help them see the potential in each student. Their belief in us means much more than the grade we make.

Instill in them a commitment to keep on learning, it shows us to not fear new knowledge and experiences.

Inspire them to touch the future, they influence how big a dream we dream for ourselves.

Bless our teachers who have come before, for their work endures to this day.

Let the light of Your example shine upon all teachers:

To build up with their words,

To love with their minds,

To share with their hearts…

Happy Teachers’ Day to me and my fellow teachers in this awesome vocation! ❤

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I thought September would be a breeze. It was not!

But congratulations to me, I survived. We survived.

And before I tell all the details (in my next post), let me share this music video which somehow cheered me up during this tumultuous month. It makes me want to dance and join a video as well, like what I did with “Call Me Maybe”!

I heard that this video is now the world’s most liked, according to Guinness. So if you haven’t heard or seen it, check this out:

Let’s dance the Oppa Gangnam Style! 🙂

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There’s a cheerleader in each and everyone of us.

After laboring so hard hard for three months, our cheerleading team of the College of Agriculture, performed last Saturday during the opening of the Xavier Games 2012. It is the annual University Intramurals where students from various colleges compete against each other in several sports, which includes cheerleading.

When it was their turn to perform, our Aggie Bull Whippers performed their hearts out. True, there were some mistakes, but their stunts and moves were short of nothing.

To me and to us AGGIES, they were the winners! We have definitely regained the respect and support of fellow Ateneans.

Yes, we didn’t win the coveted prize, but more than gaining the judges’ nod, it’s what in our hearts that matters. Plus we’ve won the crowd, too.

Right now people wonder why we didn’t win…that is the championship!

To the AGGIE BULL WHIPPERS: thanks again! You made us very proud. Special mention goes to the DEVCOM students who were part of the team and to the trainer, our alumnus.

I hope you feel the gratitude and appreciation from all your fellow Aggies.

Let us continue to go, fight and win!

Here’s the video of their performance:

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