RNTC Revisited

I am a proud alumna of RNTC and I have fond memories of my stay there.

When I visited last June 29, the happy memories came back. As it is summer in Holland, almost everyone was on holidays and only a few staff members were at the center that day.

At RNTC….then (2004)

At RNTC…now (2012)

Fortunately, the center’s General Manager – Peter Veenendaal – was in his office and so I got the chance to be introduced to him by my host, Marijke Koeman, a staff of RNTC. I had a nice chat with Mr. Veenendaal, mostly about my experiences as a trainee and how I used those learning experiences in my profession. We also talked about an opportunity to organize a training program for my colleagues in the department through the help of the Dutch government and RNTC. The latter got me excited and I will work on it very soon.

Short meeting with Mr. Veenendaal, RNTC-GM

I made a quick tour around the center: the hall where we had our training sessions, the production room where we produced our radio magazine program, and the lobby where we used to gather during coffee breaks.

I was filled with nostalgia.

Dutch summer 2004 (outside RNW)

Dutch summer 2012

It was really great to be back there and I am very grateful for that opportunity. Cheers to happy memories! 🙂

Here are pics of that wonderful Dutch summer in 2004:

With my co-trainees at Marijke’s house for the kitchen party! 🙂


The participants of Training the Trainers 2004 with RNTC Staff


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  1. gorgeousmole says:

    This is my 60th post. Hurray!!! 🙂

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