The DEVCOM Week 2012 came and went. It was a crazy-busy week, yet I am grateful that I survived it. Yes, it was stressful but it’s part of the package.

Here is a look of that very eventful week, in pictures!

(This highlights the events last Friday and Saturday. )

Friday: “SIBYA” (1st Northern Mindanao Student Communicators Congress)

The congress focused on “Social Media for Social Change” and featured a power house cast of speakers led by my idol, Maria Ressa and her Rappler team: Patricia Evangelista, Chay Hofilena and Josh Villanueva. It was a very enriching experience to be listening to them, especially to Maria. It was the first of its kind in the region and I am very happy of the outcome.

Standing next to THE MARIA RESSA (one of the Philippines' best journalists!)

Team Rappler meets Team DEVCOM

Saturday: “The Gahum Fun Run” (Breakfast)

I woke up at 6AM! I was supposed to be at the university at 4 or 5AM but somehow, my tired body got the better of me. I hurriedly went to Manresa, where the finish line was and where the awarding ceremony was held. Thank goodness I made it there on time! I did not plan to run as I felt that I was not physically ready for it but I managed to fulfill my duty: giving out the awards and prizes to the winners!

Posing with our dean (middle)

Saying my thank you message to the participants 🙂

Alumni Eyeball” (Lunch)

Shortly after the fun run, I proceeded to meet fellow DEVCOM alumni at the meeting (aptly called “eyeball”). We are organizing the grand alumni homecoming in December thus the need to meet and discuss details. It was a delight to see former students, a former teacher and former school mates and colleagues. Seeing them was enough to take away (a little bit) the weariness that was slowly creeping in.

The alumni who showed up during the eyeball.

DEVCOM Night at the Oscars” (Dinner)

I found myself totally unprepared for the night. I could not find a dress to wear and I was feeling very very tired after the early day’s events. But I told myself to go as it is the last event of the week. So I managed to find a “dress” and dashed to a beauty parlor for a quick make up (look how I turned out!). I am happy with the “look”, though it did not hide the circles under my eyes. Just the same, I looked gorgeous! The event itself was very nice. It was so refreshing to see students “transformed”, looking so elegant and dashing.

As the night was about to end, I realized that it was the perfect way to end the DEVCOM Week. We all deserve it. I went home very tired but very very happy. 🙂

Yeah, that's me. 😉

A "wacky" shot with the seniors! 😀

With a freshman student, Christer 🙂

A photo with Irish and Chum

With my "crazy" colleagues! 😀























So that was the week I had. Exciting, wasn’t it?

Cheers! 🙂


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in the greater scheme of things, i am just a mole. but i am an awesome, fabulous and gorgeous mole! my life is anchored on faith, hope and love.
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