Happy DEVCOM Week!

This week, my department is celebrating DEVCOM Week 2012. The theme for this year is “DEVCOM Unlimited: People. Passion. Pride“.

We are celebrating more than thirty years of awesome existence.



About gorgeousmole

in the greater scheme of things, i am just a mole. but i am an awesome, fabulous and gorgeous mole! my life is anchored on faith, hope and love.
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6 Responses to Happy DEVCOM Week!

  1. gorgeousmole says:

    it stands for Development Communication – that is the name of my department and my undergraduate course (i am a graduate of the degree and now i am teaching and serving as department chair). 🙂

  2. gorgeousmole says:

    by the way, one of the activities we have is the “fun run” this Saturday! 😀

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