I wrote this six years ago to honor and celebrate the great friends I have. Today I miss them (as I always do), though I have accepted the fact that we have moved on with our lives, I sometimes wish that we are still those “girls” who just love to hang out together and spend a lot of time talking, laughing, crying and just having fun. To my buddies, here’s to us and our great friendship! I miss you and I love you.



Monday, June 6th, 2005

Of all life’s wonderful blessings, I thank God for friends. Sure, many of us have our own friendships, but mine are different.

And just how different are my girlfriends? Well, we just happen to see each other almost everyday; we have lunch together, hear mass together, have dinner together, hang-out together, and I can go on and on, the list of the things we do together just never ends. I’m not talking about high school or college friends here. We are a bunch of working girls, at our mid twenties, who used to be college classmates! Yes, we were classmates in college and I guess it’s one of the reasons why we click, we went through college together and we all know how tough and fun college life is.

Our family and some of our friends often wonder how we manage to be always together. Honestly, we do not know. I guess that’s something nice about it, we do not know. That should remain a mystery. All we know is, we have so much fun together and we never run out of things to say. Actually, we always talk about the same things over and over again, and truth is, we never get tired of talking about them. So, what do we talk about? Funny incidences during college never fail to make us laugh hard. Those classroom boo-boos, that crazy college professor, memorable field trips, unforgettable classmates, and many other campus anecdotes would always bring us to tears, because of laughing hard. Call us crazy. I think we are!

Kidding aside, we do have our share of real tears too. Our problems are nothing but ordinary: family, career and love life. But no matter how pained and bruised we are of life’s sometimes unfairness, we get through them, because we have each other. Life has been a lot easier with these stricken friends around. They really stuck it out with me through thick and thin. And I do the same.

They say that the kind of friends you have will tell you who you are. So who are these friends of mine? I’ll introduce them to you one by one.

I’ll start with Bestbud, my best friend. She’s the coolest best friend one could ever have. She is smart and pretty, just like me. Smile. She has these chinky eyes that would appear invisible every time she smiles. I have known her for 12 years now and she still amuses me with her sunny disposition and lightheartedness. I feel so lucky to have her as my best friend, there is never a dull moment with her. I can say that we are two poles apart in terms of character and attitude, but we really blend well together. I guess our differences provide the balance that is needed to keep the friendship going. One thing that really amazes me about Bestbud is that she is a shopaholic! She loves to shop for clothes and shoes. There is also a peculiar behavior that she manifests whenever she is angry, she washes clothes or cleans the house! She said it’s better that way at least she is productive even if her spirits are down. And like the rest of us, she has had tough times, yet she shakes them off quite well. I have seen how she struggled, failed and succeeded. And she has not changed a bit. She’s a tough girl with a soft heart. By the way, she is our documentation queen. She will never hold a camera and take a picture without her in it! To prove, go and see our group pictures, she is always there! I love her dearly for the great person that she is. Although she now lives somewhere, we are still very much connected. I really miss her company when she left. But these days, distance is no longer a problem. Like me, she is still waiting for that someone and we know that soon, the waiting will be over and it will be worth the wait.

Then there’s Taurus Girl (that makes us two), she completely exemplifies what our zodiac sign means: stubborn, patient and loyal (I can vouch for that!). These days, she has become my movie and mall buddy. This woman is our Amor Powers – tough and cunning outside yet a softie inside. She has a soft spot for her Eduardo. Like Ms. Powers, she lost her Eduardo too, and somehow lost some of herself in the process. It has been a long struggle to let her Eduardo go but she is slowly getting there.  Among us, she is the “suplada” or “maldita” in a nice and cute way. When she doesn’t like someone, she’ll give that “if looks could kill” look. But she never fails to make us all smile with her antics: she says words differently, her eyebrows say a lot, she sings off-key, etc….though at times, dark clouds threaten to hover. And we can see through her easily, she is so transparent that we sense what she’s feeling at any given moment. But, just like our bull sign, she gets on with life with zest and vigor. Today, her theme song goes like this, “Someday, my (next) prince will come.” Note: she sings that off-key (as always)! Nevertheless, that’s the spirit. Go girl! To date, she is a picture of a happy woman. She has won the battle. We are so proud of what she is now, for she is finally moving on. And what’s this I heard, that there’s someone who makes her really smile a lot these days? Hhhhmmmmnnn, it seems that love is in the air! If that’s so, it’s great news. Although we have a love-hate relationship, I love (than hate) her to pieces! Things have been really great in our friendship for with her around, it’s always fun, fun, fun!

Next on the list is Ms. O (she says any word with an “O” with distinction). She is calm, composed and quiet, but don’t be deceived, this woman is like a dormant volcano that would erupt unexpectedly. Her outbursts really surprise us, for she metamorphoses into somebody that is completely different from what we know (I’ll spare you the details). But on better days, she is the sweet and gentle woman that we always adore. And by the way, she is the habitual latecomer. She can’t seem to come on time to our appointments. The moment she comes (after an hour or so), she would just smile that ever-sweet smile. We forget about our anger and she gets away with it, all the time!  I guess we have grown accustomed to her tardiness that it has already become a routine. Of all her outstanding traits, we admire her self-control so much. She constantly complains about how tired she is of her work, yet she doesn’t tell it to her boss. Yes, she tells it to us. As if we can do anything about it. Well at least she feels better after unleashing her sentiments to us. What are friends for? Hers is a career that we all envy, for it is both rewarding personally and professionally. But given the kind of boss that she has, we’d rather stick to what we have. She is a picture of serenity and calmness, a facade to the self that is struggling and hurting. And when she crumbles, her buddies are ever ready to give her strength and comfort. All she has to do is talk.

Please welcome, Brown Eyes! Silent waters run deep? That is our girl. She is the group’s equalizer. When all else fails, we turn to her for strength and wisdom. We just love her calm and humble nature. This woman just sits there, listens to us talk. When she wants to say something, her big (but beautiful) brown eyes light up and she gives away that distinct sheepish smile, then we’ll know that she is in fact with us. Her presence is invisible. In this world of interconnectivity where cellular phones come in handy, here is a woman who doesn’t seem to care. Sometimes we refer to her as the mute, for there are really times that she wouldn’t text or make “paramdam” to us. Days would turn to a week with no word from her. And just when you think that something’s up with her, she forwards a message. So she is alive! She is also our “Lukring” because she loves to play with her hair. She gets so comfy doing it that she doesn’t mind being looked at. We don’t mind, she is just being herself and we love her for that! She has her battle too and i really admire her strength and perseverance. She seems so cool in handling problems, yet I can see in her eyes the pain and sorrow. But I also know that she is one tough girl, she is a survivor. Here is a woman who prefers to stay single for life, but we insist that she marry because her beautiful genes will just go to waste if she doesn’t!

Then there’s Sunshine, the girl who carries the sun with her wherever she goes. I am always amazed at how she is able to brighten up our lives with her never-ending chatter on this and that. And by the way, she has huge eyes that really twinkle when she gets excited. Among us, she is the epitome of energy and vibrance. After a tiring night out, she can still manage to be up and about, ready to party again! She doesn’t get tired, my goodness! This chum is our resident fashionista. Oh how she loves to dress and make herself pretty (and she is) all the time! She has a nice collection of clothes, shoes and bags. And she wears those very well that she can give those models a run for their careers! But sometimes, the sun doesn’t shine. I am a witness to how she faced the trials that came her way. In the heart department, she admits to be a “fool” (well, we all are). She has loved a couple of times and got hurt in the process. Yet, she’s still hanging on for she knows fully well that tough times never last but tough people do. We’re really glad that she’s back here with us and we love her more for being so sweet, caring and sharing. Keep on smilin’, girl!

There you go, my super friends! And before I forget, there’s still me. Well, I’d rather have my friends tell about me. I don’t want to blow my own horn here. But generally, I am everybody’s friend. My buddies say that I am their leader. I usually organize our dates, making sure that all of us will be there. If one can’t make it, the group knows. There were times when the group didn’t meet, and most often, it’s because I was not around. Smile. They also tell me that I am their “manang”, you know acting like the big sister to all of them. Have you any problem? Come to me, I have a word or two to share. I don’t know why but I am usually asked to say something about this or that. Fortunately I am able to give a sound and sensible point of view. I guess it helps that I’m a teacher. My nurturing skills help a lot.

I am truly glad that I have these great friends who continue to bring out the best in me. In this crazy world, it is seldom that you find real friends who will really stand by you no matter what. With these friends, life is never a bore. There is always something to look forward to at the end of the day. Dinner and a chat afterwards, or perhaps coffee and talk later at night. No matter how tired and ill-tempered we are at work, we never fail to make each other smile and laugh. The loads that we carry lighten because we are each other’s springboards.

We are still young and there is still a long way to go, but we take comfort in knowing that life ahead will be a breeze. Wherever life may take us, we know it in our hearts that the bond that we share will never change. It is our prayer that each of us will be blessed even more in our careers and our personal lives. We want to stay connected forever, until our hair turns gray, until we see our grand children. And when memories fail, there will always be pictures to help us recall. I tell you, there are millions of pictures to look at!



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in the greater scheme of things, i am just a mole. but i am an awesome, fabulous and gorgeous mole! my life is anchored on faith, hope and love.
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2 Responses to Girlfriends

  1. brown eyes says:

    Hiiiiiiiii…this is Brown Eyes! I miss reading this one and i miss my buddies most…thanks to our moley buddy!!!!

  2. gorgeousmole says:

    thanks, Brown Eyes! miss you… xoxo

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