What’s in a name?

I have a very common name, but it has a unique spelling. So whenever someone finds out what my name is, they either tell me that it’s Australian, Irish or American. Well, to be honest, I have no idea!

When I attended the International Summer School in Oslo last summer, I met a few friends from Pakistan. It happened one day, they were kinda talking (5 or 6 of them) in a circle. I kinda squeezed myself in and exchanged the usual pleasantries with them. Then of course the usual what’s your name question came. I told them I’m Shiella from the Philippines!

At that moment, Umar (one of the guys), said “Sheila Ki Jawaani“! I was like, no! He insisted, saying I am that girl. Of course he was joking and the other Pakistani guys started laughing. Then he told me that there is a very popular song in India and Pakistan titled “Sheila Ki Jawaani“. He’s right of course, and here’s the video to prove that:

That started my very nice friendship with the guys from Pakistan and those from India, too. Whenever they see me, they’d sing and I would sing with them, even try to dance. I wish I am as hot as the singer in that song, though! But I like it that there’s a song about me, well about my name at least, in that part of the world. It will definitely remind them of their Filipina friend named Shiella.

I am dedicating this post to my friends in Pakistan and India! Thank you for sharing your music and friendship with me.



About gorgeousmole

in the greater scheme of things, i am just a mole. but i am an awesome, fabulous and gorgeous mole! my life is anchored on faith, hope and love.
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2 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. Paula says:

    Wikipedia givens an explanation of your name! But I have to admit that having a song like that with your name is kinda cool 🙂 My name means ‘small of statue’ which is kinda funny as I am only 158 😀

  2. gorgeousmole says:

    according to Wikipedia:

    Sheila (alternatively spelled Shelagh and Sheelagh) is a common given name for a female, derived from the Gaelic name Síle/Sìle, which is believed to be a Gaelic form of Julia or Cecilia. Like “Cecil” or “Cecilia”, the name means “blind”, from the Latin word caecus. There is also an etymologically unrelated Indian name (alternatively spelled “Sheela”), which is rooted in the Sanskrit word शील (Sheel), meaning “noble,” and is a common name across the country.
    Sheila is also a colloquial term for a girl or woman in Australia and New Zealand.

    interesting name, indeed! i think we are of the same height. “big things come in small packages!”. 🙂

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