It has been a week since my last post, well the days that followed that pictorial were rather hectic. I got busy with classes and meetings as usual. But other than my busy routine,  I also spent some nights with the the cheerleading team of our college. Cheerleading is a tradition in my university, it is the main highlight of the annual university intramurals – where students from the various colleges compete in the games. The intrams is an event students and faculty alike look forward to every year. It is the time for students to show off their athletic skills and fight to win the medals. The end goal is to reign supreme and  get the championship. The cheerleading competition is an exciting kick-off to the intrams.

Our team, called the Aggie Bullwhippers, has been considered an underdog for several years until 2009 when we bagged the 3rd place (after a seven-year drought). It was a great comeback. Since then, we have been considered as a strong force to reckon with. Last year, we came fourth, got beaten by some 3 points. Last night, we were beaten by a 0.2 margin in the judges’ score cards for the second runner-up spot.  But the crowd wanted a different winner: our team! People wondered why we did not make it to the top 3.

I cried. I feel for our team. I was there in their last days of rehearsals, they were plagued with injuries and sickness, but they prevailed. Most of them are students from my department and their trainer is my former student, thus my strong affinity to them. I saw how they labored hard in order to perfectly execute their routine and I felt their frustration when they found out they lost… again.

How can they lose? I have never seen them so energetic, so happy and so confident. Yes they had problems during rehearsals, but they managed to get past that. Last night, they were the team to beat. They looked great in their beautiful costume, they danced so well and they had minimum errors. You would not be a crowd favorite for nothing. The other teams paled in comparison. Their performance gave me goosebumps and made me cry. I am so proud of them.

So why the defeat? We can not understand and it is hard to accept. But we take comfort in knowing that people rooted for us, that they were surprised (more than us) that we did not win, and that we have proven once again that we are underdogs no more.

We have gained the university’s respect and will come back next year as the strongest cheerleading team ever. So they better watch out!

Here’s the video of their performance this year:


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4 Responses to Cheerleading

  1. will force myself to go to Melbourne or Auckland or Bangkok to gain training for the team?! =) papha mo tanan next year =P

  2. Russell says:

    I was not there, but after reading all comments regarding the performance of the team and the sentiments of many, I feel for you, the cheerleaders, the mentors, the trainor, and the college! But as they always say, keep the fire burning! At least now, we are a force to reckon with! Til next year again!

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